Zetta Cloud was established in 2013 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania’s “Silicon Valley” and an ideal habitat for fostering technology talent and innovation.

Our company’s goal is to provide software solutions for deep understanding of online content using Artificial Intelligence.

The founders of Zetta Cloud have a strong background in the software industry, artificial intelligence and enterprise solutions.

Our Journey

  • 2013: Zetta Cloud launches a mobile news reading application that learns what users read and provides them with a personalized stream of news: Știrili.
  • 2016: Zetta Cloud receives a Google DNI grant for building a AI-powered content verification prototype: TrustServista.
  • 2017: Zetta Cloud is awarded a research grant by the European Commission for a deep semantic content understanding platform for publishers and advertisers: AdServista.
  • 2017: The first production version of TrustServista is released.
  • 2018: Zetta Cloud releases TrustServista version 2.0.

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