Zetta Cloud was established in 2013 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania’s “Silicon Valley” and an ideal habitat for fostering technology talent and innovation. The company was built around its founders dream to deliver digital information in a user-friendly way and establish a paradigm of digital content consumption that goes beyond the status quo. The founders of Zetta Cloud have a strong background in the software industry, artificial intelligence and enterprise solutions.

Digital News Innovation

Adhering to these principles, Zetta Cloud launched Știrili in 2013, the first Romanian mobile application that delivers a personalized reading experienced to its users. Packed with Artificial Intelligence and Text Analytics algorithms, Știrili soon evolved into a Software a Service platform – MediaServista – who’s name spawns from the Esperanto language and is mainly translated to a Media Butler. MediaServista, the only intelligent automated content curation platform in the Eastern European industry space, was soon implemented by several national online newspapers in Romania as a means to deliver personalized reading experiences to its readers.

Zetta Cloud became a relevant player in the digital news and data analytics space in 2016, after winning a 50,000 EUR grant from Google DNI, used to build the world’s first software platform that can determine the origin and trustworthiness of online news. The project – TrustServista – was released in February 2017 as a prototype.

Current Business Focus

Along with the notoriety of the Google grant, Zetta Cloud made its entrance into other business areas:

  • Development of the Zetta Cloud Research Services business unit, specialized in Open Data, Social Networks and Big Data research.
  • Establishing the Software Services unit, working in a nearshoring model, focused on the DACH market.
  • Entry into the Digital Archiving, Semantic Advertising and Advanced Text Analytics segments, by leveraging Governmental Research grants.

Our goal

Our main goal is to become a key player in the Intelligent Digital Analytics space, by establishing a strong and unique Digital Intelligence solutions portfolio.

This will be achieved by blending our products and services capabilities and gradually shifting the services part towards a software solutions approach, where our customers could benefit from a strong product portfolio backed up by best-of-breed consulting, implementation and support services, all built on the foundation of research activities in collaboration with relevant universities and research laboratories around the world.

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