Rosette brings the text analytics power to news data startup, Zetta Cloud

Text Analytics industry leader, Basis Technology, announced in December 2016 that Zetta Cloud has become part of Rosette’s startup program. In an extensive blog post describing the forthcoming TrustServista solution, Basis Technology describes how Zetta Cloud makes use of the Rosette text analytics API in order to determine the trustworthiness of online news.

Never be duped by fake news again with TrustServista. The US presidential election has made it clear that fake news is spreading across the internet like a virus. While shared knowledge is one of the many perks of our increasingly connected online society, it also has a darker side: the opportunity for misinformation. Romanian news data startup, Zetta Cloud, seeks to bring trust and veracity to the online news community through their application TrustServista. Loosely translated, “servista” means “butler” in Esperanto and TrustServista serves as your personal news verification assistant. The tool provides you with knowledge to decide whether or not to trust news you read online, before you even ask for it. […] Beyond the strong technical stack and language coverage, Zetta Cloud was drawn to Rosette’s affordable startup program and responsive support community.

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