How are users reading your online content?

Let’s look at the way you are reading online content today. You probably have a set of preferred websites, bookmarked in you web-browser, that you access on a daily basis. You might use RSS streams with a web reader for the content you need to stay up to date in a matter of minutes, like stock market information. And you might even have a couple of subscriptions to newsletters, so that you get your favourite information delivered in your email inbox. And in the end, you would just use a search engine based on keywords you think are relevant to your search.

But have you counted how many clicks does it take you to really get to the information you are actually looking for? Or how much time you spend browsing, skimming through uninteresting web pages, just to get your daily dose of useful and meaningful information?

Just image the Web working for you, for a chance. Instead of searching for useful data, have it delivered to you, in an intelligent way. That’s exactly what MediaServista – The Intelligent Media Platform – does for you, the online user. Using NLP technology and building user profiles in an innovative way, MediaServista is a tool for publishers and users alike.

Whenever you read an article, MediaServista acknowledges your reading choice and understands what you are reading, by automatically extracting keywords and a summary from the webpage. All your reading habits, like your favorite categories, topics and the articles you tend to read in-depth, consist of profile-specific metadata, which MediaServista uses in an intelligent way to serve you exactly the content you are looking for, like a media valet. And to make sure you, the user, have the final say on what you want to read or not, breaking you out of the infamous Search Bubble, MediaServista provides a mechanism to explicitly indicate what types of content you would rather read in the future, or not.