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The hidden part of the information iceberg

TrustServista is a unique digital investigation tool that automatically determines the origin and trustworthiness of online news stories.

Status: Released (v 1.0)
Launch Date: June 2017
Platform: Web – Software as a Service (SaaS)
Trustworthiness Algorithm
TrustServista provides a fully automated algorithm to determine the trustworthiness of a news item or an entire story, by determining its origin and hidden links between news articles.
Digital Investigations
TrustServista is an online service designed for international news agencies, investigative journalists and intelligence organizations. And – of course – for the everyday news addict.

Relevant News Coverage
TrustServista is currently processing most English-speaking news sources from Europe, US and the Middle East. Our Artificial Intelligence algorithms are evolving rapidly, so your language could be next.

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Personalized News Reading
Știrili is a personalized news reading app designed for the Romanian market. Processing over 300 website sources, it actively learns the users preferences in order to deliver a unique and personalized news stream to each user.
Status: Launched
Launch Date: 2013
Google Play: Știrili
Platforms: Mobile Application (Android)
Web – Software as a Service (SaaS)

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Automated Content Curation
MediaServista is a platform that understands online content and can automatically extract categories, tags and even generate summaries from any web page. Also, it builds user profiles based on what they read and how they read it, making it possible for publishers to deliver meaningful and personalized content to its target audience.
Status: Launched
Launch Date: 2013
Platforms: Web – Software as a Service (SaaS)
On-premise deployments
Private-cloud deployments
Integrate your Content Management, Online Publishing or Newsletter Systems with MediaServista. Reach your users with the exact content they are looking for. Generate automatic summaries for your content and build user profiles in real-time.
It’s not about how much view or clicks your ads get, but if you really reached your target group. Use MediaServista to gather customer intelligence, generate smart reports and understand where to position your ads. Meet your customers exactly when they reach the content they are looking for.
Online content is growing exponentialy and so is your time spent looking for your target. Start using Ştirili for the mobile and web and become one of the most intelligent online users. Let the power of Natural Language Processing work for you.

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