Zetta Cloud

We design smart software products with a dash of Artificial Intelligence

June 2016: Zetta Cloud has received funding from Google through the Digital News Initiative Program for an innovative software platform called TrustServista.

TrustServista will help news agencies in understanding the huge amounts of data published every day in online media and allow journalists to investigate how specific information originates, if the source can be trusted, in a timely manner, in order to create objective and fact-checked materials. Estimated BETA release is early 2017.



For users we created Știrili, an intelligent web and mobile news reader. For content owners and advertisers we created MediaServista, the multitenant SaaS engine that makes it all happen.

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We’re brilliant when it comes to Business, Product and Code. We can help you tune your business processes, launch a new product or outsource your work load.

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Our location makes us special. We work out of Cluj-Napoca, Romania’s cultural hub and an innovation and software outsourcing center.

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